Around the UK with 82 Singles

There are 1,000 numbered 12″ vinyl singles of Chords and Candies that feature the extra two special mixes of the song for sale.

Earlier this year, 78 extra copies of the 12″ single were hidden across the UK. Many are in charity shops. Many are out in the wild. Each is marked “hidden copy”.

As well as this, rare white label copies have been placed in four charity shops across the UK – that’s one in England, one in Scotland, one in Northern Ireland, and one in Wales. This means there are 82 hidden singles in total.

This represents quite a journey for The Amber Quills elves, who have been on hiding duties.

You may come across a real bargain. A free copy hidden in a hollow tree. Or in a phone box full of books. It might be that a charity shop has put its own price on one of the hidden singles. Please pay what the shop asks.

Hints as to the whereabouts of hidden copies will appear on this website or on social media from time to time.

Here is a clue to the whereabouts of one copy.

For example, our top elf is a HIDING ITEM LEADER. Good luck as this particular 12″ single may be RUINED BY RAIN, but we will replace it with a new one. If you find it just get in touch WITH A PICTURE of it in its location before taking it home.

Let us know if you find any copies. Especially if you find one of the four white label versions. We would love to hear from you.

Good hunting.