How much you pay depends on which numbered copy you chose.

There’s a limited-edition of 1,000 12” vinyl pressings available only on this website. Each features the Chords and Candies single, plus 2 alternative mixes of the song – an instrumental version and a longer remix. These alternative mixes are not available digitally.

The vinyl pressings are individually numbered from 1 to 1,000. They are also individually priced, in 10 pence increments. So, the price you pay depends on which one you choose. And the quicker you get in, the more likely you are to get the numbered copy you want.

As with all numbered, limited editions, the lower numbers are the ones most likely to be sought after by vinyl collectors. Number 1 (see page 10, below) has been snapped up, but there are still low numbers to be had.

There’s even one of the super-rare white label copies available to buy.

Free postage & packaging.  Sales limited to 2 copies per customer. For sale in the UK only.