80s recordings thought lost in a flood

Chords and Candies, the first of a number of tracks from The Amber Quills, has been restored and finished 40 years on. And now it’s released as a single for the first time.

Download here for free. Or buy the limited-edition 12” vinyl with bonus versions.

Free Digital Download

Download Chords and Candies now.

12’’ vinyl with bonus versions

The limited-edition 12” vinyl has 2 bonus versions of Chords and Candies, not currently available anywhere else. There’s also a quirky pricing structure.

Nordoff Robbins will benefit from every copy sold.

82 copies hidden across the UK

To celebrate the launch of Chords and Candies, 82 special copies of the 12” vinyl pressing have been hidden in various locations across the UK. Many have been secreted in charity shops.

It’s possible there is one near you. If you’re lucky enough to find one, we’d love to know. So, get in touch. Especially if you find one of the four white label copies.

Watch the Chords and Candies video

Official video – Record release date: Friday 26th August 2022