Follow the Clues

So far we have heard of nearly half of the 82 specially-pressed hidden copies of the 12″ single Chords and Candies being located.

Many have been found in charity shops in Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland.

Hallie and her father Robin found one in a telephone box library in The New Forest.

Claire and Ben along with their family Tom, Alicia and Luke found one in a hollow tree in Herefordshire.

And in one of the best moments so far, Lucy the dog sniffed one out hidden by bracken close to a remote path halfway up a mountain in South Wales. Although there had been a fairly cryptic clue posted on our social media that might have led you to that exact spot, Lucy decided to find it without cracking the code. What is great is that Ollie, who was with Lucy, has just started collecting vinyl.

Charity shop copies have been found in Ballymena, Thurso, Bridport, Aberaeron, London, Galashiels, Truro, Newry, Rochester, Honiton, Nantwich and Welshpool. In fact, you are never more than about 40 miles from where a copy is/was in the UK.

Steve Carter found one in a Barnardo’s shop in Keswick in The Lake district and said ‘It made me feel a little like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory finding a Wonka Bar’.

Well done all. And happy hunting to the rest of you.

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