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  • Follow the Clues

    Follow the Clues

    So far we have heard of nearly half of the 82 specially-pressed hidden copies of the 12″ single Chords and Candies being located. Many have been found in charity shops in Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland. Hallie and her father Robin found one in a telephone box library in The New Forest. Claire and…

  • Happy Amber Quills day

    Happy Amber Quills day

    It is the official release date of the single Chords and Candies. Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see clues as to the whereabouts of the 82 specially pressed ‘hidden copies’ of the 12″ single. When you have worked out the clues, if you decide to go looking, please be aware that…

  • Around the UK with 82 Singles

    Around the UK with 82 Singles

    There are 1,000 numbered 12″ vinyl singles of Chords and Candies that feature the extra two special mixes of the song for sale. Earlier this year, 78 extra copies of the 12″ single were hidden across the UK. Many are in charity shops. Many are out in the wild. Each is marked “hidden copy”. As…